SFG Gazette

Hello Peeps! I have returned from school, now i’m online! 🙂 OK here, is the SFG Gazette. Here we will write what’s happening around SFG. We and you can  write the latest stories in the Comments section below so you can have the latest news on what’s happening!


  1. SFG Gazette: 6/7/11

    SFG contest is still up and running!! We still need more participants more than Friendly Dragon and Mighty Drummer. Be creative! Anything goes. But, please,please do not copy previous outfits we made. So mail it to me at: tinyp13@yahoo.com then just upload an attachment (or a picture) of your Poptropican in that costume.

  2. SFG Gazette: 6/9/11

    SFG members has come up with 3 outfits! Such as:
    ->Another Avril Lavigne look
    ->Cute Highschooler
    ->High School Student

    So Please (I beg you! :lol:) submit your outfits in the comments section and I (or We) will pick the next outfit to be posted! (But I’ll be offline in Poptropica for a little while….)

    But on the bright side, next month is my birthday!!! Happy advanced birthday to me!!

    I might post it in early July……

    So stay Tuned in the SFG Gazette!

  3. Speedy Singer

    can i post my outfit here for the contest because i don’t have an email?

  4. SFG Gazette: 6/10/11

    I am still checking my email for entries for the SFG Contest. Still none! 😦 So stay tuned in the SFG Gazette!

  5. TP: I E-mailed you my costume! 😳

  6. SFG Gazette: 6/17/11

    Hello Gals! I have been back from a week from being grounded 😦 But hello!! TP is SO back!

  7. SFG Gazette: 6/24/11

    Friendly Dragon Wins It!

    Hello Faithful readers! The Official Winner of the Contest is Friendly Dragon! Congratulations FD! Send us more of your outfits then your outfit might be featured as Costume of the Month!!

  8. Yay thanks TC!! You can post as many ideas as you want and I’ll pick one then I’ll feature it as Costume of the Month!!

  9. SFG Gazette: 8/9/11

    SFG Contest is up and running!!

    Here we have a new contest, which is posted above (see sidebar) and we need participants! Do your best and GOOD LUCK! ♥~

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