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*no boys allowed but you can buy some cute outfits from the fashion store!*


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  1. Hello Peeps! Today I will be telling some stuff about me, Tiny Penguin. OK, Here goes. My birthday is July 3. and I live in the Philippines. I was encouraged to play Poptropica by my neighbor,(or friend,) Wild Sun. I am in Grade 5, and I have 2 sisters. I just started playing Poptropica in early February then Wild Sun taught me like how to save my game and other stuff. I like…..hmm……let me eliminate some of them……OK….I like Vampires and Ninjas (OK don’t ask me why I like these. The truth is…..Well literally last time I didn’t like Vamps or Ninjas.) I have encouraged most of my BFF’s to play Poptropica. I will be celebrating my B-Day this early July……(happy birthday to me! :D) Wild Sun calls me ‘Tofu’, while I call her ‘Cream’. I have no idea why!!! 🙂 OK Peeps, that’s all for today. Oh! I forgot! My email is:

    Tiny Penguin, signing off.

    PEACE! 🙂

  2. i want to join but I don’t have an email address. 😦

  3. Hi there! I’m Friendly Dragon! I used to be known as Red Heart, but the poptropican got glitched and turned into a boy…. anyway, I am currently in grade seven and will turn twelve in November. My email is You might have seen me at Super Thunder’s Blog. I’m an author there! And also my own blog, I like eating two breath mints at one time and am kind of crazy and weird, though I am also calm and quiet. I have a split personality, I guess. A couple of friends call me Pixie, or my real name, but you can call me the Epic Dragon! Bow before me! No? You can call me pretty much whatevert you want 😀 I like writing stories and I love reading as well. Besides poptropica, I go on Neopets. I am very good at spelling and grammar, and tend to correct people on that. Please bear with me! Well, that’s pretty much it! Bye ^^

  4. Hello.I am normally known by the name ivyblade80.My birthday is September 18 2000.I am 10 right now and will be in grade 5 soon.I live in Philadelphia.My email is always see kids in my class play Poptropica so i decided to play it as well.I have 2 brother that are older then me.Im not sure when i started,maybe December.I like video games,ninjas,pie, and tacos.My real name is Teresa,i dont like my name.My manners are normally nice but i act weird sometimes.Im a great reader and writer.Im very mature for a 10 year old.And i dont know many fashions for Poptropica but i want to make a account so when i do find a good fashion i could post it.So yeah thats mostly it.Hope i can make a account!

  5. my b-day is november 18. My poptropican username is bendymoon62. I have been playing poptropica since late april, I have done the islands Reality t.v, Time tangled, Early poptrtopica, and shark tooth. I live in the u.s. my friend olivia tole me about it. I’m 11. I like to play online games, go swiming, sing, and hang out with my friends. I love harry potter and percy jackson. I don’t have an email, sorry. I’m new to wordpress, but you can coment on blog if I got the job. My poptropica site is Ok, or coment here and tell me. I hope I get the job.

  6. Hi Peeps! I live in Florida.My birthday is December 5.I was introduced to Poptropica my friends at school.I am going to 4 grade and I love animals and school.I have one 5 year old sister and a 13 year old half sister.I am interested in Vampires,Werewolfs and Ninjas are pretty awesome! All of my friends play Poptropica.My favorite island is Spy Island and Wimpy Wonderland but I like them all.And last but not least…………my e-mail!!!!! Okay,I know what your thinking,why get so excited over your e-mail…..the reason is there is nooo reason just being funny.Okay, anyway my e-mail is

    Lonewolf0514….SIGNING OFF!

  7. You aren’t moderating my comment. I am getting, ahem, slightly depressed. Thanks! 😦

  8. I moderated it!!!! Okay, I’ll invite you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hmm…..why cant it…..hey….it always says ‘user does not exist’

    well, dang!! ask MD.

  10. Was there a problem making me a account? =o

  11. yeah..

  12. Hello!I’m here to make you a club member of the SFG(Super fashion Gals) Club!Just wait for E-mails I’ll sent you!

  13. hi!

  14. To all who wants to join:I can’t make you an Administrator yet but you are now club members!You can post ideas on Poptropica Secrets so I can read it and post it right here!I’m really sorry!

  15. hellow

  16. MD, I sent you an invite to be an Administrator for our blog,

    P.S. Wild Sun is my neighbor 🙂

  17. Hi, I’m Wild Sun, TP’s neighbor
    I want to join. By the way this is my email ad.

  18. Does that mean im a club member now too? =)

  19. k then!! BP, YOU’RE HIRED!!!

  20. oops

  21. TP:Why don’t you make them users!I’m kinda busy right now.

  22. Tiny Penguin

    Me too!! I dunno what to do!!! What am I gonna do?!?

    P.S. I watched Shrink Ray Island Walkthrough on PoptropicaSecrets :mrgreen:


  23. Ugh…Sorry guys.It always says “user does not exist”.This problem attacks ivyblade80 and Christina(But you are now club members!).FD(a.k.a Friendly Dragon- Diana P. Winters the Huntress) is now an administrator and a club member!Meet me at the PoptropicaSecrets FORUM(It’s Forum now) and search “~♥SFG United!♥~” group.I will post a discussion where you can post your outfits for contests and post.Just give me your costumes and outfits and it will be right here on a flash!(Except during school days).So be there,okay?

  24. Oh!And administrators can post their costumes and outfits here right away!

  25. My name is Purple Typhoon. I will not be giving out too many personal detail, just in case, but I am going into 7th grade this year. I am from Philly, and I love fashion. Even Poptropican fashion. I love all sorts of outfits, and accessories, and so on. I have almost finished all of the Poptropica islands. I started POptropica a long time ago. I really want to be in the club so please please put me in. I’m putting a link to one outfit i designed:

    How to get it, get the hair from the Vampire Girl 2 and dye it reddish brown in 24 Carrot. Also take the necklace and sunglasses from Vampire Girl 2. THen you go to cryptids island, and to the right of the general store, there’s a girl. Copy her shirt. THen you go to Mythology island and go to the left a little until you see a girl in blue. Copy her earrings. THen go into Herc’s Hero HUt, and u see a girl in purple. COpy her gold strap things. THen go to COunterfeit island and go to the right, you’ll see a girl with a white outfit with a blur vest, and copy her skirt. (I don’t know if she’s there all hte time, put in chat rooms, maybe you’ll find a white skirt) THen you add a pair of wings, (from the tinker bell thing) and any follower and you get…. I don’t really know what to name it, so if you have a name, just right it down.
    Am I in?

  26. Cool! Um, to be a member (and to access this blog for REAL), you must give out your real
    e-mail. SFG Gang does not send spam mail! We’ll try to make a newsletter to give you fashion advice (and the next contest, or new outfits) from the greatest fashion designers in all Poptropica!

    Have a nice day!

    -iamtinyp253, Administrator

  27. I have sent all of you the passwords except the ones who didn’t send their Emails.

  28. hey ! my name is Poptropica is Little Penguin . My age is 10 . Birthday is November 11 , 2001 . i’m respectful to other , but not respectful if you’re not respectful to me . (: I LOVE FASHION ! umm what else . anyways my email is . so i have nothing else to say . and i really love your blog (: ❤

  29. hey ! my name is Poptropica is Little Penguin . My age is 10 . Birthday is November 11 , 2001 . i’m respectful to other , but not respectful if you’re not respectful to me . (: I LOVE FASHION ! umm what else . anyways my email is . so i have nothing else to say . and i really love your blog (: ❤

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