New Limited Edition outfits!

Here we have the second Limited Edition outfit, The Ice Warriors. It’s both for boys and girls. I haven’t come up with the boy’s version yet, but I might post the girl’s one next Saturday. Plus, it’ll be cheaper than the Steam Mech Pilot.


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Announcing the Limited Edition costumes!

Announcing the Limited Edition costumes:


1.The Ice Warrior Princess

2. Steam Mech Pilot  (Version 2 and for girls only)





More Coming soon….


Bendy Bug and The Magical Blue Macaw(Episode 1)

Mighty Drummer:I know that the Super Thunder’s Blog have already made stories but I decided to make my own!Introducing,our star,Bendy Bug and her magical blue macaw named Isabella!Her adventures starts now….

Episode 1:A Shark Visit(Part 1)

Bendy Bug:Hmmm….A nice breezy day.How I wish to explore islands.If only my parents were here…

Isabella:I know you can do it.

Bendy Bug:Alright then.(runs over blimp and flies)

Bendy Bug:Whoa!An island!Get ready to be explored!(Pulls rope then lands on Shark Tooth)

Isabella:This is the place where I and my family live.

BB:Oh,really?Where are they now?


BB:What’s wrong?

Isabella:They left me when I was just little.There’s a strong typhoon that no one can handle.I just can’t fly before so they flew away.The wind blew strong and it blew me far.Now I can’t find my family anymore.I think I’m already losing hope.

BB:Ohh…(feels guilty)I’m so sorry for that.

Isabella:That’s okay.Why don’t we start exploring!

BB:Yeah!But first let us go to the Tourism Center to find out what island this is.(enters Tourism Center)

BB:Uhh…Sir,can you tell us what island this is?

Man:This island is Shark Tooth.Did you know that this island is full of different kind of sharks?

Isabella:Sharks?Sounds creepy!

BB:Don’t worry,Isabella!Sir,can I buy a camera?


(BB buys a camera)

BB:Well,time to explore!

To be continued…

My favorite! ♥♥♥

This is my favorite costume:

<a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”Princess of Poptropica”><img alt=”Princess of Poptropica” border=”0″ height=”253″ src=”; title=”Princess of Poptropica” width=”179″ /></a><br /><a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”shana princess of fire pictures”><font size=”2″>shana princess of fire pictures</font></a><br /><br />

Yeehaw! TP’s 23rd Post!!

Hey guys!! This is my 23rd post!! So let’s celebrate!! Yeehaw!!




Costume of the Month: Not so stylish Citizen

This was a contest entry for the June 2011 SFG Costume Contest. Thanks to Friendly Dragon who put up this costume idea.


Get a yellow striped shirt (even though this was from the Judy Moody Ad.) Get Mannequin pants, Beret from French Girl in Cryptids, Mythology Surfer lips, Vampire 3 hair (The hair above is from the Lemonade Mouth Ad.) The bag is from Skullduggery from the guy with the chickens. Glasses from Cryptids Store cashier too. And the last part, the Biker Girl’s vest.

TP’s Dare of the day: Beat Shark Boy’s score in Shrink Shot!

Hey Y’all! Try beatin’ ‘ol Shark Boy’s score in Shrink Shot! Good Luck to all of ye!



Try beatin’ his score of:

2 176 800


And see if you can beat ‘im!

The Official Winner.



~Friendly Dragon~




Congratulations, Friendly Dragon!!! :mrgreen:

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