Chat Room

This is the place where you can chat with your friends.Talk about anything you like and post it on the comments section below!

  1. Hey Y’all!!!
    I finished Red Dragon Island!

  2. Red Dragon is finally released!!!

  3. awww…..good for u CD…..i’m just starting……………. 😦

  4. CD:I thought you finished Red Dragon by now!I checked your account and it has no Red Dragon Medal on it.I checked your inventory,too.

  5. Tiny Penguin

    CD, please help me. I’m stuck in Fortress Level 3. Please finish it for me.



  6. can I join the club?

  7. U-uh huh…Awk-ward…? (no offense pleaze)

  8. I miss Psophia…

  9. huh..?

  10. tiny penguin happy bday may god bless you
    and can i join the club for one more time?

  11. please i beg all of you :omg:

  12. cweam cwam!!! (translated: cream cram)

  13. Everybody, say goodbye to sfggang, the copier and liar! 👿

  14. Why are you leaving Sfggang? And also, Clean Tornado, That’s not nice to say to someone. These are real people, who have feelings. I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m just trying to state the truth.

  15. Prickly Dolphin

    Hi. My name is Prickly Dolphin and I am new to this blog. I have finally finished Game Show Island and I finished it on either December 5 or December 6. The island was alright. Though, some of the game shows were hard and I figured out how to do them. And when I won the game shows, I went underground and solve some problems and they were really hard. I am so glad that I got through them. :mrgreen: 😎

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