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Announcing the Limited Edition costumes!

Announcing the Limited Edition costumes:


1.The Ice Warrior Princess

2. Steam Mech Pilot  (Version 2 and for girls only)





More Coming soon….



Sorry,I have to leave now.

Well,I think I should go back to my old self again.I just wanna…forget something that bothers me.Promise,I’ll go back to the fashion industry if I forget this…this…problem!I just want to live peacefully with all my friends.I mean,my real friends that doesn’t betray me and lies to me.Well,it’s not someone’s fault.It’s just that someone is blaming me that I ignored her.Sorry because I had to leave.But you can still see me and talk to me,commenting on Poptropica Secrets…

Message from the Administrator (Me, TP)

Hello guys! I have been online late at night ^3^~ But, hello peeps! (or people)

Here we have the Rules and Regulations of this blog:

1. Always be trusted.

2. Don’t say bad words or rude names.

3. No boys allowed! (But we’d love to create cool outfits for you!)