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2,173 HITS! Can you believe THAT?!

Look at the sidebar. 2,173 HITS!!!

That’s a LOT.

*sings Party Rock Anthem*




Actually, I’m Really Not Sure Yet!

I came up with this outfit…but sadly, I don’t have a name for it. :((

1. Use Vampire Girl 2’s Hair

2. Bangs with freckles (curve)

3. Prison shirt

4. Vest from Ghost Story Island (with the salt)

5. Brown Pants

6. Any light pink lips


TP’s Homecoming!

Hi! I know I haven’t been here for months because I gotta finish my studies…

But anyway, I’m back! So good to see you all!!

Isn’t it lonely?

Dear Users,

Please suggest your outfit ideas for our Fashion Department. We need more clothes. Please support SFG Gang. It seemed it’s lonely, but we’re trying our best to make outfits just for you. No wonder, your outfit idea may be popular! So, if you have any ideas, click here to share.


Poll for September 2011!

New Contest!

Here we have our SECOND challenge, where you need to make a costume inspired by a movie,novel,play,TV show,etc.


Please make sure to send your entries on or before August 20.

Email it to:



Prize: 5 Fashion Points

New Limited Edition outfits!

Here we have the second Limited Edition outfit, The Ice Warriors. It’s both for boys and girls. I haven’t come up with the boy’s version yet, but I might post the girl’s one next Saturday. Plus, it’ll be cheaper than the Steam Mech Pilot.

Random Post…

         If you could read it well, it would spell “SFG Gang”





Announcing the Limited Edition costumes!

Announcing the Limited Edition costumes:


1.The Ice Warrior Princess

2. Steam Mech Pilot  (Version 2 and for girls only)





More Coming soon….