Adventures of Lonely Octopus

Episode 1:How can I escape?

Lonely Octopus:It’s so lonely here.I wish I could go to the other islands and explore.*sigh*

Bendy Bug:Don’t worry Lonely.We’ll find out how.*thinks*

Lonely Octopus:Well,even if we find out how,my parents will not allow me to go exploring.

Bendy Bug:There is one way.Escape.

Lonely Octopus:What?!You don’t what you are talking about,right?My parents are gonna kill me if I do that!

Bendy Bug:Sshhh…..They’re gonna hear you…

Lonely Octopus:Well,alright.But…when?How?

Bendy Bug:The only time to escape is tonight.When they are all asleep.We can borrow one of those blimp and fly to hundreds of islands.

Lonely Octopus:Will you go with me please?

Bendy Bug:Sure!I’ll go with ya’!

Lonely Octopus:Alright!

*Lonely Octopus stays quiet until the afternoon passed by*

Bendy Bug:Psst…psst…Lonely!

Lonely Octopus:Wha,wha,what?

Bendy Bug:*giggles*Come’on!Let’s go!

Lonely Octopus:Yeah!

*runs on one of the blimp*

Bendy Bug:There is one thing missing…Hmmm….Oh,there it is!

Lonely Octopus:What’s that?

Bendy Bug:A map.This will help us… a lot.

Lonely Octopus:Let’s fly!

Episode 2:A Shark Adventure 

Bendy Bug:It’s too foggy up here…Wait a minute!It’s Shark Tooth Island!It says here that this island haunted by sharks!

Lonely Octopus:Let’s land there.We’ll try to investigate.

*lands on island*

Lonely Octopus:Hmmm…This seems to be fun!

Bendy Bug:I don’t know,Lonely.I don’t know.

Lonely Octopus:Ummm…Excuse me.Can you tell us something about this island?

Shark Fin Vendor:You can read the journal thingy from the museum or you can just ask one of those guys in the tourism center instead.

Lonely Octopus:Thanks!

*runs to museum*

Bendy Bug:Now where is that journal that he was talking about?

*sees a man crying*

Bendy Bug:What happened?

Man:Someone stole the Hammerhead’s Journal!Maybe they are after the long lost treasure!The journal contains the map of the treasure was located!And I only saw it once!

Lonely Octopus:Treasure?I thought there is nothing here but sharks!But where is that treasure you are talking about?

Man:It’s hidden in the island guarded by Booga the Shark!Now that they got the journal,they can get the secret ingredient hidden deep in the heart of the Ancient Ruins!

Bendy Bug:We are up to it!We are gonna capture the thief and recover the treasure!

Man:Take this magic amulet.This will hypnotize Booga and fall asleep.But you should be first to reach Booga or else he will fall asleep forever and the thief can get all the treasures!

Lonely Octopus:Come’on,Bendy!We have a mission to accomplish!

*runs fast to ruins*

Bendy Bug:There!There’s the thief!

Lonely Octopus:Let’s go after him!

*enters ruins*

Bendy Bug:It’s so dark in here.

Lonely Octopus:Ha!He can’t find out the password!Good thing I have this!We have to get the ingredient first!

Bendy Bug:I think these vines would help!Charge!

*lands on platform with the thief*

Lonely Octopus:You’ll never get the treasure!Never!



Lonely Octopus:The password is….OPEN!

*ground shakes and gate opens*

Bendy Bug:Wahoo!

Lonely Octopus:The secret ingredient!Now we should use the amulet…NO!The thief has got the amulet!

Bendy Bug:Did you get the ancient bone?

Lonely Octopus:Yes!It’s here in my bag!

Bendy Bug:It says here that if you feed Booga with a coconut that has the ingredients of an ancient bone,a coconut milk and the secret ingredient,he will fall asleep!You can bring the ingredients to the medicine man that lives on top of the tallest coconut tree and he can transform it to a coconut!

Lonely Octopus:Great!But we still don’t have a coconut milk!

Bendy Bug:Perhaps we can buy one at the street but we gotta hurry!

Lonely Octopus:There’s a rope there.It leads to the street.

*climbs up*

Bendy Bug:You are right!There!There’s the milk stand!

Lonely Octopus:But we gotta hurry!

*buys milk and run towards the medicine man*

Medicine Man:Can I help you,kids?

Bendy Bug:We need a calming coconut for Booga and we brought all the ingredients!

Medicine Man:Alright.But just a minute.

*finishes recipe and turns it to a coconut*

Medicine Man:Here it is!But why do you want a calming coconut?

Bendy Bug:Sorry!We can’t tell you.It remains a secret.

*run towards seaside*

Bendy Bug:Oh,no!He’s already hypnotizing Booga!

Lonely Octopus:Don’t worry!Here hold this cannon!

*Lonely pushes thief on side and thief falls on the ground*

Lonely Octopus:Now,Bendy!

*aims on Booga then shots the coconut.Booga falls asleep as he sink to the bottom*

Bendy Bug:Now to know who is this thief!*opens mask,shocked*Father?!

Massive Bug:I’m so sorry!I didn’t mean to!Me and your mother was so concerned that your mother sent me here to find you!Then I heard that there is a treasure hidden in the island near by!I thought that this treasure will help us!You know we are poor.

Bendy Bug:I’m so sorry that I left you with out you permission.

Massive Bug:I just thought that we can get the treasure together.Let’s swim!

*swim towards the next island*

Massive Bug:Here,I have the journal.

Lonely Octopus:I says here that take 7 steps forward then dig.

Bendy Bug:I’m on the 7th step.

*digs deep until she saw a chest*

Lonely Octopus:It’s locked by a shell!*pulls*It won’t open!

Bendy Bug:There’s a note here:”The singing voice of the chosen one may unlock this”You must be the chosen one,Lonely!

Lonely Octopus:Really?Okay!

*Lonely sings in a magical,humble voice then magic sparkles from Lonely’s voice starts to float around Lonely then enters the shell”

Bendy Bug:*tries to open chest*It’s open!There’s nothing here but a scroll!

Lonely Octopus:Let me read it.

The treasure is found in the heart not in certain materials.


*the shell that contains Lonely’s voice fell on the ground then a magical fairy named Amaya appeared*

Lonely Octopus:Is your name Amaya?

Amaya:I see you have passed the test.

Lonely Octopus:What test?

Amaya:You’ll never know.Because of your bravery,I will grant you immortality!

*as Amaya took her wand up,Lonely felt immortal*

Amaya:You shall not be greedy or else…I’ll take someone you love.

Lonely Octopus:Thank you!

*Amaya disappears*

Bendy Bug:Where’s father?I thought I saw a compass here…just by my side.Oh!A note again:”Help us!Your future is in peril!Time has been mixed!Use this time device which looked like a compass to travel in time!”

Lonely Octopus:I saw your father holding a compass last time I saw him!He must been travelling this time!

Bendy Bug:I brought the map.It says here that the inventors of  Time Tangled Island had been inventing a time travel machine a long time ago.It must be finished by now!I think it will help!

*runs over blimp and flies*

Tune in next time!The next adventure is all about Time Tangled Island!


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