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My story!

Once upon a time,there were two Grade 4 students who just met…
Nico:Hi!I’m Nico.Are you a new kid?
Helen:Yes.I’m new here.By the way,my name is Helen.
Nico:Do you have any friends yet?
Helen:No.And I don’t know why.They always ignore me.
Nico:Wanna join me for recess?
The bell rang…
Nico:Let’s go!
As they went to the cafeteria…
Perla:Oh!Nico!Who’s that girl of yours?!
Nico:She’s just my friend.Please.Don’t be jealous.
Helen didn’t say anything.The first time she looked at Nico,it was like love at first sight.
Perla:C’mon,Nico!I’ll show you something!Oh,and please,don’t bring your friend.She’s not allowed.
Nico:Just wait there,Helen!
When Nico followed Perla,Helen turned back.Looks like she’s jealous.She was’t paying attention.She accidentally bumped her classmate.
Helen:I’m so sorry!I didn’t mean to!
Salina:How clumsy you are!You better get out of here!
It was class time.Helen is still not paying attention.Nico was just in her back.She kept looking at him when…
Sir Campbell:Helen!What do you think is the answer to my question?
Helen:Uhh…I’m sorry sir but I don’t know the answer.
Sir Campbell:You are not paying attention,are you?You should-
Nico:Sir!I was just telling Helen something.I’m the one who’s not paying attention.I should go out.
Sir Campbell:Fine then.You may leave the room.
When Nico got out of the room,Helen felt guilty.She didn’t know what to do.She tried to forget Nico.Hours had past and it was already time for sleep.Helen can’t sleep very well.She had a dream of Nico and by the sea.But something got noisy and Nico disapeared.
Nico:Hi,Helen!How are you today?
Helen:Uhh.I’m fine.Wha-what about you?
Nico:You look like shaking.
Nico held her hand.It felt good.
Nico:You are sick,Helen!Let’s go and bring you to the clinic.
Helen wasn’t paying attention.He was just looking at Nico and smiling.
To be continued…


Adventures of Lonely Octopus

Episode 1:How can I escape?

Lonely Octopus:It’s so lonely here.I wish I could go to the other islands and explore.*sigh*

Bendy Bug:Don’t worry Lonely.We’ll find out how.*thinks*

Lonely Octopus:Well,even if we find out how,my parents will not allow me to go exploring.

Bendy Bug:There is one way.Escape.

Lonely Octopus:What?!You don’t what you are talking about,right?My parents are gonna kill me if I do that!

Bendy Bug:Sshhh…..They’re gonna hear you…

Lonely Octopus:Well,alright.But…when?How?

Bendy Bug:The only time to escape is tonight.When they are all asleep.We can borrow one of those blimp and fly to hundreds of islands.

Lonely Octopus:Will you go with me please?

Bendy Bug:Sure!I’ll go with ya’!

Lonely Octopus:Alright!

*Lonely Octopus stays quiet until the afternoon passed by*

Bendy Bug:Psst…psst…Lonely!

Lonely Octopus:Wha,wha,what?

Bendy Bug:*giggles*Come’on!Let’s go!

Lonely Octopus:Yeah!

*runs on one of the blimp*

Bendy Bug:There is one thing missing…Hmmm….Oh,there it is!

Lonely Octopus:What’s that?

Bendy Bug:A map.This will help us… a lot.

Lonely Octopus:Let’s fly!

Tune in next time!The next adventure is all about Shark Tooth Island

Isn’t it lonely?

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