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Announcing the Limited Edition costumes!

Announcing the Limited Edition costumes:


1.The Ice Warrior Princess

2. Steam Mech Pilot  (Version 2 and for girls only)





More Coming soon….


Bendy Bug and The Magical Blue Macaw(Episode 1)

Mighty Drummer:I know that the Super Thunder’s Blog have already made stories but I decided to make my own!Introducing,our star,Bendy Bug and her magical blue macaw named Isabella!Her adventures starts now….

Episode 1:A Shark Visit(Part 1)

Bendy Bug:Hmmm….A nice breezy day.How I wish to explore islands.If only my parents were here…

Isabella:I know you can do it.

Bendy Bug:Alright then.(runs over blimp and flies)

Bendy Bug:Whoa!An island!Get ready to be explored!(Pulls rope then lands on Shark Tooth)

Isabella:This is the place where I and my family live.

BB:Oh,really?Where are they now?


BB:What’s wrong?

Isabella:They left me when I was just little.There’s a strong typhoon that no one can handle.I just can’t fly before so they flew away.The wind blew strong and it blew me far.Now I can’t find my family anymore.I think I’m already losing hope.

BB:Ohh…(feels guilty)I’m so sorry for that.

Isabella:That’s okay.Why don’t we start exploring!

BB:Yeah!But first let us go to the Tourism Center to find out what island this is.(enters Tourism Center)

BB:Uhh…Sir,can you tell us what island this is?

Man:This island is Shark Tooth.Did you know that this island is full of different kind of sharks?

Isabella:Sharks?Sounds creepy!

BB:Don’t worry,Isabella!Sir,can I buy a camera?


(BB buys a camera)

BB:Well,time to explore!

To be continued…

My favorite! ♥♥♥

This is my favorite costume:

<a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”Princess of Poptropica”><img alt=”Princess of Poptropica” border=”0″ height=”253″ src=”; title=”Princess of Poptropica” width=”179″ /></a><br /><a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”shana princess of fire pictures”><font size=”2″>shana princess of fire pictures</font></a><br /><br />