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Yeehaw! TP’s 23rd Post!!

Hey guys!! This is my 23rd post!! So let’s celebrate!! Yeehaw!!





Costume of the Month: Not so stylish Citizen

This was a contest entry for the June 2011 SFG Costume Contest. Thanks to Friendly Dragon who put up this costume idea.


Get a yellow striped shirt (even though this was from the Judy Moody Ad.) Get Mannequin pants, Beret from French Girl in Cryptids, Mythology Surfer lips, Vampire 3 hair (The hair above is from the Lemonade Mouth Ad.) The bag is from Skullduggery from the guy with the chickens. Glasses from Cryptids Store cashier too. And the last part, the Biker Girl’s vest.

TP’s Dare of the day: Beat Shark Boy’s score in Shrink Shot!

Hey Y’all! Try beatin’ ‘ol Shark Boy’s score in Shrink Shot! Good Luck to all of ye!



Try beatin’ his score of:

2 176 800


And see if you can beat ‘im!

The Official Winner.



~Friendly Dragon~




Congratulations, Friendly Dragon!!! :mrgreen:

Tiny Penguin’s “Business” Email

Hey guys! Send all your costume ideas to:

Sorry, I have to go now.

Hello…I have been feeling a little blue today but I will go back to my old self as Cheerful Biker. (My old Poptropica name) But you can still see me, posting on PoptropicaSecrets. I will be back every 1st Friday of the month. So, there you go.

Professor Holiday

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Vamp Ninja

You’ll need:

-> For Girls:

*Vampy girl 1,2,or 3

*Midnight Ninja or Midnight Red Ninja

*Rockstar 2

*Braid Girl’s bangs

->For Boys:

*Vampire boy (Of course!)

* Popstar for boys..? (I don’t know what it is really called but you get it, right?)

*Midnight Ninja……Or the same of the Girls…..

-> For Girls: (How to get it)

Get Rockstar 2’s bangs and hair.

Get Vampy Girl’s lips.

Get the whole Midnight Ninja outfit except the sword on the back

Braid Girl’s bangs…..(Duh!!)

->For Boys:

*Same procedure but use Pop Star guy’s hair not rockstar 2 and not braid girls bang

TP is SO back!

Hello Peeps! I have been grounded for a week because I skipped Lunch and Supper. And I got REALLY hungry. That is why I have been gone for a week. I have been pulling my studies and Poptropica together, because I need at least one day of fun. After talking to our councilor about the “godzilla2000” problem, I finally got it solved! (Thanks a lot, Godzilla2000. 🙄 ) Any way, I have posted a new outfit but I think you won’t like it a bit but It’s worth a shot!!! It is called “Vamp Ninja” but it’s a bit boyish but it’s  good for Unisex. (Both boys and girls) First Unisex outfit!!!

Sorry,I have to leave now.

Well,I think I should go back to my old self again.I just wanna…forget something that bothers me.Promise,I’ll go back to the fashion industry if I forget this…this…problem!I just want to live peacefully with all my friends.I mean,my real friends that doesn’t betray me and lies to me.Well,it’s not someone’s fault.It’s just that someone is blaming me that I ignored her.Sorry because I had to leave.But you can still see me and talk to me,commenting on Poptropica Secrets…